Share, learn together, make progress | Xinxing Cable's first reading club officially launched
Release time: 2019-11-13

Generally speaking, the main purpose of reading clubs is divided into two types, namely learning and communication. Therefore, the common types of book clubs are also divided into learning book clubs and communication book clubs. The book fair sponsored by the company has both forms of learning and communication. Learning from benchmarking companies, learning from benchmarking figures around them, exchanging their respective working practices, and how to focus on corporate culture and corporate values are the biggest gains of the Book Conference.

What is corporate culture? Not a slogan, not a slogan on the wall, the soul and thought of the company, the attitude of the owner of the employee and a high sense of responsibility to the company. Only when employees really participate and recognize and agree with the company culture can the company culture be truly internalized. Externalize in line. “企业价值观你我谈”读书学习分享会中,我们以标杆企业阿里巴巴为例,学习其讲究诚信、客户第一、拥抱变化的企业价值观,通过员工们的分享, 我们感受到每个新兴人都在践行 “诚信、创新、务实、责任、共赢、感恩”的企业价值观,它是制造部刘楚海十年如一日的坚守,是全体新兴人急客户所急,想客户所想的6小时急速处理,是累计采购40亿铜杆无一延付的诚信坚持,是财务经理贺坚哪怕带病工作,也要不延误员工发放工资的爱岗敬业......它融入到每个新兴人的工作与思想中,在平凡中闪耀着光芒,推动着新兴电缆的发展。 In this emerging "Corporate Values You and Me Talk" reading and learning sharing session, we took the benchmarking company Alibaba as an example to learn its corporate values that stress integrity, customer first, and embrace change. Through employees' sharing, we felt Every emerging person is practicing the corporate values of “Integrity, Innovation, Pragmatism, Responsibility, Win-Win and Gratitude”. It is the ten-year insistence of Liu Chuhai of the Manufacturing Department. The 6-hour quick processing that I want is the integrity and insistence on the cumulative purchase of 4 billion copper rods without any delay. It is the dedication of the financial manager He Jian who does not delay the payment of wages even if he is sick ... Incorporating into the work and thinking of each emerging person, it shines in the ordinary and promotes the development of emerging cables.

不负重托 Six-hour speed repair without load support

— 洪旭生 Shared by: Sales Department -Hong Xusheng

At the end of May this year, during the cable unloading process, Dongguan Win-Winner caused damage to more than a dozen cables due to improper forklift worker operation. . 6 小时实现了问题的完美解决,获得客户的高度赞扬。 For Xinxing, customer entrustment is everything. Even if time is tight and the difficulty is great, the customer must be anxious and go all out to resolve it. After receiving the application, the company immediately sets up a special processing team to mobilize all resources. The perfect solution to the problem was achieved in just 6 hours and received high praise from customers.

17:00 立即组织生产、检验、物流等相关部门研究确定:若按常规流程进行修复需要第二天中午才能修复完成,但为客户排忧解难是新兴的宗旨,我们必须按客户要求时间全力解决问题。 16:00 17:00 Immediately organize production, inspection, logistics and other relevant departments to study and determine: If repairs are carried out according to normal procedures, it will take noon the next day to complete the repairs, but troubleshooting for customers is an emerging purpose, and we must meet customer requirements for time Try your best to solve the problem.

23:00 受损电缆运抵公司,公司领导现场指挥,不计成本,以最快的速度修复,由于线缆受损处多,时间紧,任务大,生产部门加班加点,克服重重困难,经过各部门通力协作,终于在晚上 11 点将检验合格的线缆发到工地,保证了该工程项目如期完工并通过验收。 17:00 23:00 The damaged cable arrives at the company, and the company's leader directs it at the scene, regardless of cost, and repairs it at the fastest speed. Because the cable is damaged, the time is tight, the task is large, and the production department works overtime to overcome the burden. Difficult, after the cooperation of various departments, the qualified cables were finally sent to the construction site at 11pm , which ensured that the project was completed on schedule and passed the acceptance. 6 小时完成电缆修复,比常规时间提前了半天。 Newcomers completed the cable repair in just 6 hours, a half day ahead of schedule.

Persist in the waste water tank for ten years

— 孙泽刚 Shared by: Manufacturing Department — Sun Zegang

The environmentally friendly treatment of wastewater and oil is a tedious, dirty and tiring job. In order not to affect production, the cleaning of oil tanks is usually arranged on holidays. Colleagues Liu Chuhai often sacrifice holiday breaks and fight in the front line for ten years like a day without complaints. “我必须保证生产车间的正常运行,不能因为我的休息或者个人事务耽误其他岗位工作的正常开展”。 Liu Chuhai once said that "I must ensure the normal operation of the production workshop, and I cannot delay the normal development of other jobs because of my rest or personal affairs." Liu Chuhai used sweat and dedication to write and insist on his ordinary post, which explained the dedication of the emerging people to seek truth and pragmatism, and love their posts.

40 亿铜杆采购无一秒的延付 No one second delay in purchasing 4 billion copper rods

— 方锋 Shared by: Purchasing Department — Fang Feng

Cable manufacturers have high requirements for the transfer efficiency of copper rods, because copper rods occupy a lot of funds, so the cooperation of copper rod raw material manufacturers is particularly important. Fang Feng, Manager of Purchasing Department, shared the company's honesty and promises, and achieved win-win cooperation with win-win merchants. 40 亿铜杆采购,按照供应商约定的付款时间,没有超过一分一秒的违约支付,使公司在铜杆供应商中树立了良好的口碑。 During the four years in which Mr. Fang has worked, he has accumulated 4 billion copper rod purchases. According to the payment time agreed by the supplier, there is no default payment of more than one minute and one second, which has made the company a good reputation among copper rod suppliers. . It is this good cooperative relationship that the company has obtained the best copper rods, the best prices, the shortest copper rod delivery cycles from copper suppliers, and even some suppliers, giving emerging companies the ability to ship first and then pay. Special treatment.

Through the learning and sharing of this reading and sharing session, each newcomer is very touched. For the corporate culture, many colleagues around him are practicing it physically. It is not out of reach and does not need to be hung up every day. And, more importantly, integrate into daily work. A successful company has or is happening with countless ordinary and touching stories, and these stories form the core of the corporate culture, are the company's valuable wealth, and promote the company to excellence. As General Manager Jia of the Personnel and Administration Department concludes, this study will let us know that there are so many touching stories in Xinxing. The company also hopes to build a bridge for employees to learn from each other through the platform of Reading Club, and hope that all emerging people will work Develop learning and reading habits in life, read more books, read good books, read valuable books, read the books that can be most transformed into productivity, and the Ministry of Personnel Administration will also organize more such reading sharing sessions to spread the wind of learning The entire emerging cable, as long as we persist in learning and progress, the emerging tomorrow will be even better!

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