Smelting team united together || The Xinxing Cable Excellent Team Special Training Camp successfully concluded
Release time: 2019-11-20

This is an era of team victory. The team spirit has gradually become the core competitiveness of the enterprise. A team with a common goal, united ethics, and collaborative teamwork will definitely be able to ride the waves and succeed in the future! !!

“自我检讨不指责,相互信任不抱怨”的团队文化, 11 17 18 日,新兴电缆的家人们参加了两天一月的卓越团队特训营活动,通过专业 拓展教练 的指导,我们亲身体验了不一样的思维沟通方式,领悟超强凝聚力团队的重要性,相信未来新兴的团队一定会更优秀。 In order to further strengthen the team cohesion and guide the formation of a team culture of "self-review without accusation, mutual trust and no complaints", on November 17 and 18 , the members of Xinxing Cable participated in the two-day January excellent team special training camp. With the guidance of professional expansion coaches , we have personally experienced different ways of thinking and communication, realized the importance of super cohesive teams, and believe that the emerging teams in the future will definitely be better.

“坦诚交流”“团队协作”“激励挑战”“主动承担”展开,统一迷彩服,军事化管理体验,通过拓展训练,将自己的真实能力展现在工作岗位中,是对自我价值的肯定,也是对团队发展的促进。 The training and expansion event was held at Jiamusha Development Base in Huadu. It has a large forest, pleasant scenery and fresh air. The whole process is centered on "frank communication", "teamwork", "incentive challenges" and "proactive commitment". The militarized management experience, through expanding training, to show your true ability in the job, is an affirmation of self-worth, and also promotes the development of the team.

Form a team and break the ice in groups

40 多人,分 4 组开展,通过自我介绍,才华展示等环节,加深团队成员深度认识,迅速形成团队归属感,通过热身游戏、案例分享、训练分析等环节,选队长,设计队旗队徽,充分调动团队成员的积极性。 Over 40 participants participated in the training in 4 groups. Through self-introduction, talent display, etc., deepened team members' deep understanding and quickly formed a sense of belonging to the team. The team leader was selected through warm-up games, case sharing, training analysis, etc. Design team flag team logo, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of team members. Everyone is united, and their power is broken. Only when a team goes up and down can they overcome various difficulties and complete the final goal. Group breaking ice quickly increases the team's cohesion and collaboration ability.

South to North Water Transfer

“南水北调”。 The first project is "South-to-North Water Diversion". PVC 管,将水从起点运送到终点,在规定的时间内,运水量最多的团队获胜。 Everyone uses the PVC pipe in their hands to transport water from the starting point to the ending point. Within the specified time, the team with the most water transport wins. This activity must rely on the wisdom of the team, through communication and collaboration to create the greatest success, and make the best use of it. The raw material, water, must be well saved and controlled to win. Everyone pays attention and strives to not waste a drop of water from beginning to end. , Very good exercise of team coordination.

Sailing sails, people do their best

The "Sailing Sailing" project fully demonstrated the spirit of teamwork. The coach provided the most primitive props. The team members worked in cooperation. From product design, structure construction, hull painting, and main sail front sail design and production, they performed their duties and did their best. Help and collaborate, finally complete the production and decoration of the emerging giant ship. From the beginning of no action to mutual encouragement to the final tacit cooperation, it is obviously felt that the cooperation between the team's trust has been strengthened a lot. The emerging warships have been built. In the future, we will ride the waves and set sail.

Bonfire party, talk heartily

“家庭式”的团队归属感,最后大家坐在一起,针对日常工作生活中遇到的问题做了交流,平时没有讲过的话都在这一刻交心畅谈,大家少了很多指责,多了鼓励与包容,相信以后的工作中,我们都是少很多抱怨,从自身找问题不断提升和发展。 The first night everyone lived in the tent at the base, and the campfire party was full of passion. The coach assisted in writing and performing the show. Working closely, singing and dancing around the campfire, there was a happy "family" sense of belonging to the team. Finally, everyone Sit together and talk about the problems encountered in daily work and life. All the things that have not been talked about are at this moment. Everyone has a lot less blame, more encouragement and tolerance. I believe that in the future work, we will all A lot less complaints, and find problems to improve and develop.

Ma Liang, tacit cooperation

Magic pen Ma Liang, a pen over one meter long, we all make Ma Liang, hee hee. 同事拉起绳子末端,在不接触毛笔的情况下,写下新兴的企业价值观 “诚实”“创新”“务实”“责任”“共赢”“感恩”,这个项目真心难度挺大,所有人都要配合默契才可写下大字,经过一次又一次的努力,我们都交出了满意的答卷,虽然字体不是那么漂亮但是我们团队协作能力得到了质的提升,未来,新兴人用更饱满的热情继续迎接新的挑战。 The team members work together and cooperate with each other. The colleague pulls the end of the rope and writes the emerging corporate values "honest", "innovation", "pragmatic", "responsibility", "win-win" and "gratitude" without touching the writing brush . This project It's really difficult. Everyone must cooperate with each other to write big characters. After repeated efforts, we all submitted satisfactory answers. Although the font is not so beautiful, our teamwork ability has been qualitatively improved. In the future Emerging people continue to meet new challenges with fuller enthusiasm.

Support each other and advance together

There is no perfect individual, but there is a perfect team. If we want excellence, we only have cooperation. We are a whole, never give up or give up. Dozens of digital cards with different values scrambled into a circle. Without knowing the status of other teams, each of our groups beat the numbers one by one in order and completed the round with the fastest speed. The challenge ended.

10 ,第二次输每人 20 ,第三次输每人 40 ,第四次输每人 80 ,结果连续 4 轮都是同一组输,第四次 80 个俯卧撑实在支撑不了,一次又一次腿就是抬不起来,没力气想放弃的时候,其他团队的成员帮忙,帮他们抬起脚完成了这次培训,最后大家都忍不住留下了眼泪,有团队真好,在以后的竞争中,相信我们的团队会有更好的发展。 The losing group started push-ups. The first loss was 10 per person , the second loss was 20 per person , the third loss was 40 per person , and the fourth loss was 80 per person . As a result , the same group lost for 4 consecutive rounds. The 80 push-ups could not be supported four times , and the legs could n’t be lifted again and again. When I did n’t have the energy to give up, members of other teams helped and raised their feet to complete the training. In the end, everyone couldn't help but stay With tears, it is good to have a team. In the future competition, I believe our team will have better development.

Millionaires, proactive communication

1000 元和 3 种不同颜色的筹码各一个,通过自由贸易区的开放时间进行合法交易,最终利益最大的团队胜利,赢得百万富翁,主要培养团队成员主动沟通意识,通过资源共享,合理配置来提高整体的价值,有效的沟通渠道和沟通方法是企业竞争不可缺少的一项技能。 Product companies are established in groups. Each company has the same initial capital of 1,000 yuan in cash and one chip in three different colors. It conducts legal transactions through the opening hours of the free trade zone. The team with the greatest benefit ultimately wins and wins millionaires. Cultivate team members' awareness of active communication, and improve overall value through resource sharing and reasonable allocation. Effective communication channels and communication methods are an indispensable skill for corporate competition.

Power loop rope, the ultimate challenge

5 分钟内我们给自己定的目标是 500 圈,结果完成 625 圈,远远超过预定目标,只要敢想敢做,就会潜能无限,相信以后的工作中会更加自信。 Everyone joined hands to form a circle. After releasing their hands, they held the rope to form a circle. The teamwork turned in the same direction. In 5 minutes, we set ourselves a goal of 500 laps. Far beyond the intended goal, as long as you dare to think and do it, you will have unlimited potential and believe that you will be more confident in your future work.

1.5 米高的绳圈,在规定时间内,挑战走上圈的人的数量! Then everyone stepped on the 1.5 -meter-high rope loop pulled up by his teammates in turn , and challenged the number of people who entered the loop within a specified time! Through this project, the cohesion and centripetal force of the overall team were improved. The trust between teams is very important. Just like in our daily work, every position is important. Everyone trusts each other, supports each other, and leads a successful life together.

Although the two-day special team training camp event has ended, it is still memorable. Expansion training enables us to further understand the importance of teamwork and responsibility. Expansion projects have challenged ourselves and tapped the potential. I believe that our future work will be more and more tacit, and the company will become more and more brilliant.

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